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Rich Spillberg is the eclectic blend of a broad sum of experiences. As a Musician, Recording Engineer/Producer, Filmmaker, Educator, and Philanthropist, he is carving a path that dates back to his earliest days, in a household wherein music was the main inspiration of every day life.


Rich got his first guitar at the age of nine. The instrument soon became a vehicle in which Rich could express himself deeply Рit became a tool of communication for him. Centering his musical learning in the forms of  rock, fusion, and classical music, Rich honed his guitar playing to a high level and soon formed a band with whom he would sign his first recording contract. Over the next ten years, the band recorded several albums, which garnished critical acclaim, and broad radio airplay. That attention pulled in a large fan base that fueled worldwide touring.


Rich’s path then took some turns, leading him simultaneously to audio engineering, computer programming, and multimedia productions. Within a few short years, Rich built up a solid client base as a Producer, Engineer and Filmmaker. At around the same time, Rich co-founded Africa Reads, a 501c3 organization with a focus on spreading literacy in Africa.


His audio engineering work soon began to attract larger scale artists such asJosh Groban, Due Voci, and Renee Olstead, and brought Rich back on the road supplying his expertise to the artists’ live performances. Rich is currently knee deep in all corners of Josh Groban’s organization, working as an Audio Technician, a Musician (playing mandolin and guitar in Josh’s band), and as a Production Manager for private and other special appearances.


In September of 2013, The Beacon School East Africa opened its doors in Kampala, Uganda. This school, educating children from toddler age to first grade, was co-founded by Rich.


Rich Spillberg is a major league player in every sense at the highest level of the music world. But you have to look through his humble low-key demeanor to see it. He is fiercely devoted to his family, and when he is not on the road Rich continues his work as a Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician, Song Writer, Educator, and Touring Consultant for some of the biggest musicians of our time.

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Nearly 30 years as a professional musician

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Nearly 30 years a s a music producer

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The Greatest ever…

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He’ll teach you everything you need to know…