Defining Music and Media for Creatives
From Major Artists to Hobbyists


Put More Into Your Recording

Your initial concepts are transformed into fully developed recordings.

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Bring Your Recording
to Life

Specializing in the final stage for your recorded song, VT audio, or broadcast recording. 

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Promote Your Message Visually

Through Video Production, Graphic Design, Character Design, Animation, and Web Design. 

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Working with artists at the highest level of the entertainment industry, Rich Spillberg is happy to share his experience with you to help meet your needs. From tutorials on equipment and technique, to full-scale music and visual productions, Rich Spillberg Productions offers a wide range of services in the world of multimedia production.

Producer / Recording Engineer / Programmer / Mix Engineer
With over twenty years of recording engineering experience around the globe, and over thirty years as a producer, Rich has a unique capacity to steer musical projects from the compositional stage through the final mix. Rich’s recording work covers a wide range of musical styles at every level of the music world. Please visit Rich’s Portfolio page for samples of Rich’s work.

Live DAW Engineer / Consultant
Rich runs live DAW systems for multiplatinum artists, and whether you are a full-fledged arena act, or an up and coming band, Rich can help you construct your rig and train you how to use it.              CONTACT TO LEARN MORE >>

Video Producer / Editor
Looking for a professional video to help tell your story, sell your product or document your work? Rich specializes in professional documentaries and produces and directs music videos. From pre production through post-production, Rich will guide you to the realization of your vision. His work has been featured CNN, CNNI, NBC, CBS.     CONTACT TO LEARN MORE >>

Clinician / Educator
Rich is excited to teach and inspire musicians and technicians to learn and use the best tools for the job at hand. Through remote connections, Rich can advise studio equipment setup, set your computer up, and then teach you how to use your preferred recording software and hardware devices., and help you develop your individual recording workflow.    CONTACT TO LEARN MORE >>