Working at the highest level of the entertainment industry, Rich is happy to share his experience with you to help meet your needs. From tutorials on equipment and technique to full-scale music and video productions, Rich offers a wide range of services in the world of multimedia production.

Producer / Recording Engineer / Programmer

With fifteen years of audio engineering experience around the globe, and over twenty years as a producer, Rich will turn your music into fully produced songs. Rich’s recording work covers a wide range of musical styles at every level of the music world. Please visit the audio page for samples of Rich’s work, and contact Rich to discuss your next recording.

Live DAW Engineer / Consultant

Whether you are a full-fledged arena act, or an up and coming band, Rich Spillberg can HELP YOU! Technology today has put live DAW use into the mainstream. Rich runs live DAW systems for top acts, and can help you construct your rig and train you how to use it. To learn more, contact Rich.


A musician for over 35 years, Rich has performed and recorded all over the world on every size stage and studio. Rich is now offering his musical talents for your recording. Contact Rich for more information.

Video Producer / Editor

Looking for a professional video to help tell your story, sell your product or document your work? Rich specializes in professional documentaries and produces and directs music videos. From pre production through post-production, Rich will guide you to the realization of your vision. His work has been featured CNN, CNNI, NBC, CBS. Please visit the video page for samples of Rich’s work, and contact Rich to discuss your project.

Clinician / Educator

When off the road Rich is excited to teach and inspire musicians and technicians to learn and use the best tools. Richard’s clinics and workshops are hands-on seminars tailored to meet the needs of the customer! Check back soon for the clinics & workshops coming to a venue near you.


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